Digital technology in load cell

New Generation Load Cells

Angle Control

Electric value correction when necessary


  • %100 resistant to side forces
  • %300 resistant to over load
  • Installation angle compensation
  • Welded hermetic sealed body
  • Measurement error detection
  • RS485 communication
  • Automatic corner calibration
  • Measurement error detection
  • 24 bit A/D converter
  • IP68 industrial protection
  • Lightning Protection

Two-step level adjustment with colored leds

Model CAD has double · sockets, cable connection is done by jumping from one load cell to another one. It does not require junction box so it is very easy to change in case of fault.

Model CAD load cell, is based on the shear force principle to measure forces in the compression direction. It has been developed for use in high capacity, electronic weight and force measurement applications in industrial environments. Thanks to its’ perfect and rugged body, it offers high resistance to side forces and overload conditions.

Stainless steel body is resistant to corrosion. CAD load cell is suitable for heavy industrial conditions and chemical environments. It finds application in high capacity vehicle scales, platform scales, tank weighing systems and process weighing applications.

When compared to other brand digital load cells, the most important advantage of CAD load cell is that it bears an electronic anglemeter inside. With this feature, the technician is alerted by colored LEDs for proper assembly during installation.

Main problem in truck scales is side forces. Platform elongation due to thermal expansion of temperature differences between summer and winter change and platform deformation due to load distribution causes errors in measurement. In both cases, the load cells which are placed perpendicular to the ground becomes athwart and may cause measurement error. With thanks to the patented angle compensation Technology of Esit, vertical deflection angle of the load cell is detected via sensors to ensure an accurate weight measurement.

CAD load cell is 80% more resistant to side forces than other load cells working with column type principle. Particularly, the major reason behind load cell malfunctioning is the lateral side forces created by the vehicle movements during brakes and sudden start-ups.


  • Modbus connection
  • Easy fault detection
  • 4.5" Screen
  • 5 Screen Keys
  • Clipboard, desktop compatible connection option