Easy weighing automation


  • Graphics Display (4.5”) and capacitive touch buttons
  • Adaptive, indexed menu system
  • Internet-based recipe entry software
  • Easy connection with connectors (Solder-free)
  • 1600 Hz measurement / 800 Hz data output rate
  • USB reporting / update / backup / calibration backup
  • Indexed menu system and multi language option
  • Esit gResolver superior multi-frequency vibration filtering technology
  • Easy digital calibration (mV, factory, coefficient)
  • IP65 protection class front panel
  • Intelligent plug and play type option cards and modular expansion
  • Service menu (self-diagnostic)
  • Printer support
  • Besides load cell connection in standard configuration USB serialcommunication and external display output



Valve bag filling program
Recipe Program
gResolver Program

Bagging Scale

ESİT ECI AUTOMATIC is used in bagging scale.

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Hopper Scale

ESİT ECI AUTOMATIC is used in Hopper scale.

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  • Communication Modules
    • RS232&RS485/RS422 Serial Communication Card (Modbus)
    • CAN Open Communication Card
    • Profinet IO Communication Card
    • DeviceNet Communication Card
    • Profibus Module (DP Slave)
    • Ethernet/IP Module (Modbus TCP)

  • Input-Output Modules
    • Built-in 4-Relay Card
    • Analog 4-20 mA/0-10V output (16 bit)

  • Expansion Modules
    • Binary Output(1+19 bit)
    • EsRelay Connection Module