Intelligent indicator for all conditions

Get rid of cables with Wifi
One-to-One and fast contact with Bluetooth
Easy control with with built-in relay
Outdoor compatible IP67



Small indicator with 1/10000 accuracy. Designed to be used both for overload control in cranes and elevators, and high accuracy weighing such as tank weighing. It is also a low cost solution to many applications thanks to it's built in 2 relay and connectivity options such as RS485 output, wi-fi and bluetooth.


  • Optional Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections
  • Analog output (0-5 V)
  • Internal 2 relay outputs
  • Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard
  • RS232/RS485 serial output
  • Taring, zeroing, function keys
  • Zeroing within the entire measurement range
  • Gain adjustment for load cell output
  • 5-digit LED weight display
  • Android smart phone application


IP67 Protection Class

Rail Mounting Option

Pano Mounting Option

Internal 2 relay outputs

Optional Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections